In our previous article, Should Your SEO Agency Niche Down to Level Up?, we explored highlights of the various benefits that niching down can offer to an SEO agency–especially when approached correctly.

As Ryan Stewart simply put it: productising your SEO agency means to simply take a service and turn it into a product. For SEO agencies, this is a business model worth exploring, as the service (that’s now productised) can exist without needing intervention from the founder, yet still continue on its growth trajectory.

In today’s article, we’re going to explore a few of the best performing niches for productised SEO agencies.

However, before we begin, let’s first recap a few of the benefits:

Benefiting from Productising your SEO Agency

According to Databox, who recently interviewed 87 agencies and companies in an effort to determine:
– Where those 87 agencies lie within their niches
– What are their client retention rates like
– Overall behaviour cycles and success rates

Databox had found that of the 87 subjects, almost 80% of the agencies identified as ‘niche’ agencies, adding that they felt in considerably high demand.

This factor counters the effect of an oversaturated SEO and marketing industry, as the approach of niching down can assist agencies in attracting the right clients to them, and in turn, offering specialised services to their clients.

It’s a win-win.

Niching down offers benefits for all involved.

For the agency, benefits include:

  • More loyal customers and clients
  • Opportunities to create high quality content
  • Explore Google ranks within smaller niche markets that are more achievable, but also more effective and sustainable
  • Finding a niche that offers low competition compared to an oversaturated general SEO market
  • More effective and efficient marketing strategies
  • Less resource pressure on the team
  • Increased specialisation and strategising
  • Enhanced client networking and relationships
  • Enhanced authority within the given niches

For the clients, they are able to benefit from:

  • Closer relationships with the agency of choice
  • A better understanding of the services your agency offers, and how it directly impacts them
  • Better customer/client retention from their markets
  • More overall attention towards their company
  • A greater understanding of their direct competitors
  • A greater understanding of their target markets
  • More effective and efficient direction (or redirection) on resources

With the benefits being almost incomparable to the drawbacks of niching down–when, naturally, your agency has fully developed–there is no better time to start niching down than right now, when the market is so easily open to the current shift.

Why do Productised Services Work so Well for SEO Agencies? 🤨

To put it plainly, this business model is among many other models, but SEO agencies tend to naturally lean towards this model because of its efficacy–topics such as ‘systemised for growth with/without the founder’ are big selling points for agencies looking to grow their own business.

The model essentially offers the best of both worlds.

Productised Agency Niche Ideas Worth Exploring 🌎

Now, we’re getting to the fun part 🔥: SEO niches that are hot-topics at the moment.

In this article we will only be exploring 10 of the 101 niches within SEO that’s currently worth exploring. If you’d like to grab the full list, we’ll link drop the link to our free resource at the end of this blog.

Hair Transplant Clinics

Hair transplant clinics have experienced a rise in popularity over the years, both in-person and on online traffic. With the marketing ever-growing, the industry has become incredibly niche, competitive and lucrative–something that’s naturally incredibly attractive of an idea to SEO agencies who are looking to niche down.

Thankfully, this business partnership works in the best interest of both parties, SEO agencies and hair transplant clinics. With the rise in popularity of hair transplant clinics, there’s naturally a rise in the search volume for the niche, as more markets are driven to research more about the benefits, information on services and clinics near to them.

With an already niche market (clients looking to receive hair implants), and a natural need to boost local SEO for the market to rise to the top of potential clients’ SERPs pages, there’s a major need for SEO agencies to enter into this market.

If you are looking into offering productised services to this niche, your team structure can/should include a:
Tech SEO: for the sake of site indexing and crawling
Content SEO: to be able to create informative articles about the benefits of the clients’ services, comprehensive breakdowns of their services and prices, and being able to create content that ranks
Dedicated Local SEO: to prioritise targeting to the local market near the client’s business
(Off-Page SEO) Link builders: who will be able to fix backlinks to the site

Tip: you will need a team that are fluent in the terminology, products, services and concepts of hair transplant clinics. This may require training or onboarding staff with previous experience in this field.

A prime example of a successful productised SEO agency niching down in the hair transplant industry, is Sagapixel. On average, their hair restoration websites range in cost from $1800 to $5500, while providing services to clients in the United States, Europe and Middle East.


Gynecologists are another field of interest that’s currently experiencing an online boom.

According to the WHO’s new article published in 2023, 1 in 6 people are affected by infertility, and the RCOG reporting that 570, 000 women in the UK are experiencing long waits to see gynaecologists for appointments and treatments. With various factors affecting females’ reproductive health, the demand for gynaecologists are ever on the rise.

From searching information on various illnesses, to personal health tips, booking appointments and/or finding out more information on products such as birth controls and medication, gynecologists require a heavy online presence to appeal to and assist their market.

Take, for example, the GMR team who aim to assist private practices with their ‘3-Pillar Marketing Strategies’. One of their biggest USPs to private practices looking for assistance with digital marketing is based simply on the statistics of the demand, stating that:

About 71% of patients use online reviews to find a new provider and 90% of patients use online reviews to evaluate providers, so they are essential to build your reputation and acquire more patients.’

Adding additional authority with case studies:

GMR also added that the main issues that their client, North Atlantic Women’s Care experienced included a lack of client reviews, low search-ability, which then in turn lead to less leads and retention.

Once working with GMR, NAWC experienced a rise in appointment requests from their website, increased calls from Google My Business and their website, and an increase of Google reviews, all leading to the company climb to an authoritative company in the industry, within their location.

SEO agencies have a golden opportunity to enter into this highly demanded niche to help in various aspects of the gynaecologist industry–from creating informative online blog content for readers, boosting local gynaecologists online presence, aiding in the online booking platform and so much more.

If you have a team that are interested in educating themselves in this niche, do not shy away from it. The more help for the industry, the more profitable and beneficial it is for everyone involved.

Laser and Laserless Tattoo Removal Clinics

In-keeping with the theme of clinics, laser and laserless tattoo removal clinics is yet another trending search within the recent years. As laser tattoo removal has been experiencing its boom in search volume, so has the opposing end of things: laserless tattoo removal which is predicted to grow within the coming years, as searches for keywords and phrases such as: ‘non-laser tattoo removal’, ‘tattoo removal’, ‘how to remove a tattoo’, ‘remove tattoo’, among various other keywords within this vicinity growing promisingly in search results each month.

On an average, tattoo shops can charge quite a fee for removing tattoos (on an average of over $1,000 based on the tattoo and its complexity). Therefore, if your agency are able to bring them further leads, the fee can be quite promising.

A fantastic example of an SEO agency productising itself in this niche is OpGen, who base their mission in aiding laser tattoo removal clinics in attracting their market.

OpGen adds, “According to a 2021 Statista survey, nearly half of American adults have a tattoo. Of those surveyed, about 12% said they experienced tattoo regret.” That’s a considerably wide market that’s ever-growing.

Similar to the above two niches, laser and laserless tattoo removal clinics will require SEO for their Google My Business in order to attract their right markets, conducting appropriate keyword research, strategising for the clinics to help them rank, and creating content for their sites and socials that is both valuable, informative and lead-generative.

EV charging stations

EV charging stations have been on the rise recently, as a direct result of the global urgent demand for more environmentally-friendly options–such as eco-friendly, electric vehicles. In recent events, the first EV charging station in the USA went online recently, and was funded an astounding $7.5 billion government program, addressing a key concern from potential buyers.

Furthermore, with:

‘The White House goal is to grow the nationwide network of chargers to 500,000, including high-speed chargers – no more than 50 miles (80 km) apart – on the nation’s busiest highways and interstates.’
Shepardson, 2023

A charging handle recharges a Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle parked at an EV charging station in Baltimore

With the above knowledge, combined with the acknowledgment of the global demand for greater solutions to environmental concerns growing, it’s safe to say that sub-niches such as EV charging stations are only going to grow in greater demand, with a higher need placed on SEO agencies to supplement the online services.

Additionally, Biden 2021 also promised a goal backed by automakers, seeking 50% of new vehicles by 2030 to either be EVs or plug-in hybrids.

Where does that leave SEO agencies looking to niche down?
It leaves us in a very lucrative, compound-growing market.

In addition to this, servicing such niches opens your agency up to further parallel niches in the market of EV charging stations–which are also most likely expected to be on the rise within the current (broader) trending niches of ‘energy’ and ‘sustainable technologies’.

The EV charging station industry is expected to be worth $27.7 billion by the end of 2027, with 125 million EVs on the road by then. With the demand ever-increasing, the need for more EV charging stations will also increase, resulting in a greater need for the charging stations to have an online presence and be easily searchable on maps.

SEOs will be in greater demand to help charging stations’ online visibility in order to attract more drivers to their stations, crafting strategies to help rank keywords and add valuable content to their sites and social media to help increase the brands’ credibility.

SEO agencies that specialise within this niche will soon become a highly attractive market for EV charging stations to turn to, as SEO agencies who specialise in this niche will be considered a crucial necessity to the industry.

A few potential questions you can ask when conducting your keyword research, provided by Moz, include:

  • How do electric car charging stations work?
  • Where can I charge my electric car?
  • What is the best EV charging station?
  • How to find free charging stations
  • How many miles does a Tesla get per charge?
  • Are EVgo stations free?
  • Can I use ChargePoint at EVgo?
  • What is a level 3 charging station?

Sustainability: Solar Panels

In our previous article, we explored a few main umbrella SEO niches that are predicted to skyrocket in the next few years, and of that, categories such as: environmental, sustainable, and eco-friendly made the list.

With the global urgent effort to move towards more Earth-friendly products, services and sources of energy, there’s no doubt why we wouldn’t see an SEO niche such as solar panels make that list.

In 2018 alone, the global market size was estimated around $52.5 billion, but in 2026, that market size is aimed towards an astounding $223 billion 🚀

Although this market has already built itself up (meaning that there’s a sufficient amount of already-established competition), there are a few ways new SEOs can tackle this SEO niche to benefit them:

The first being to focus on markets that are not as developed, but offer massive potential. Markets within South Africa and Australia, for instance, are a great place to start as they are still developing their solar panel industries, but in these sunnier areas, the market is ever-promising.

There are about 4k keywords related to solar panels and solar energy, making keyword difficulty in these areas lower than 30.

The second approach is to assist with local search, this helping greatly with lead generation. This approach can be set up in two ways, by either: having a website with different locations as sub-pages, or, creating a website for different locations.

Local search volumes can be incredibly high depending on their location, and competition is not as big on the more generic terms–especially taking into account areas such as the ones mentioned above.

Thirdly, you could focus on SEO niches within the ‘solar energy’ niche, as this can really help you rank better should you find those smaller gems that offer higher potential.

When monetising for this SEO niche, it truly depends on a variety of factors, such as how successful your client website(s) are, what locations you’re focused on, where your focus lies and what products/services you are affiliating with (for instance, a company that’s selling and installing solar battery light is much cheaper than a solar panel installation–but then again, you could perform better selling more batteries than panels).

Nonetheless, however, with this niche’s market size noted as one of the highest we’ve explored, it’s nothing but a promising start in the right direction.

A great example of a digital marketing company that is thriving in this niche is Smarketingcloud, who categorise themselves as a ‘solar lead generation company’. With Smarting Cloud generating an astounding 84,000 solar leads so far, and having an impressive closing rate of 63%, there’s an undoubtable opportunity for your SEO agency to enter into the promising, highly demanded niche.


Another example of an SEO agency that successfully niched down, is PlumberSEO, who have also designed their site and processes to show their expertise within the niche. PumbersSEO have the luxury of resources to the point that they are even able to release additional resources for their clients–such as a book, further cementing their authority in the niche. These types of resources would simply be incredibly difficult to achieve within a generalist agency, as resources would have to be placed within other areas of the business.

Understandably so–plumbers are always in demand. With this in mind, plumbers are usually called out in the event of an urgent fixing–something that a potential customer would run straight to Google to search for.

That’s precisely one of the many reasons that plumbers will require a strong online presence in order to appeal to their market.

Additionally, plumbers can also make use of content services in order to help build relationships with their market by writing reviews on products, offering advice columns should a potential client require a small DIY fix, and much more.

PlumberSEO, for instance, began working with one of their clients, Paul the Plumber, who initially started his journey with the company having $1.5 million and 3 trucks.

After three years, working with PlumberSEO, Paul owned 10 trucks and brought in $3 million. PlumbersSEO was able to lower their average cost per lead from $35 to $20–an incredible testimony to the niche and its capabilities.

GPS Tracking

Last on our list of the best SEO niches which we will be exploring, is a niche almost everyone with a smartphones, cars, or anything track-able; and that is: GPS tracking.
As surprising as it is (to make it to this list), the GPS tracking niche has grown tremendously in the past few years. With the market size on just vehicle tracking systems growing from $4 billion in 2017 to a staggering estimate of $25 billion in 2025, the estimated 600% growth looks more than promising of a niche to enter into.

For reference, attached below is an outline depicting the growth on Google trends so far:

When starting a website for GPS tracking, you’ll want to first consider a specific type of device–and from there, look for related keywords. For just ‘GPS tracker’, alone, there are around 1,500 keywords with similar terms and low competition. Once determining your specific terms, you can move on to create your website around this. For instance, creating a website specifying in pet GPS tracking devices, comparing devices and offering reviews, etc.

In terms of monetisation, unlike the above category of eco-friendly products, GPS tracking performs amazingly in alignment with dropshipping, as there are a fair amount of GPS tracking devices that are sold online for various purposes. For instance, pet GPS tracking devices are a market on its own, with the term ‘GPS tracker dog’ already having more than 17k search results.

SEOs can also explore B2B leadgen as another option, but this will require a bit of a different strategy. When approaching GPS tracking from a B2B leadgen angle, you’ll need to focus on different terms since this approach often includes a subscription-based approach–with, usually, two or more vehicles. You may want to explore topics such as: fleet management, vehicle tracking system, and information (such as vehicle mileage reimbursement).

Although this SEO niche is somewhat difficult for first-timers, once you get into it, there’s more than enough opportunity to explore subjects and topics within this niche to ensure success. The AOV for GPS tracking systems are also incredibly high, and the average leads budget is also considerably lucrative to explore and play with.

In terms of organic search, you could, over time, see yourself bringing in about 10-20k monthly organic traffic towards your site. This can equate to a very generous amount of passive income–especially if you’re leads-focused.

Law Firms

Law firms are another high-demand niche for SEO agencies for a number of reasons: law firms need to assist clients with a variety of issues, so utilising SEO services can assist them in hyper-targeting their market, directly getting answers to them (through blogs and content pieces), and assisting with visibility to the right market.

Between lead generation and reducing call-times for enquires (through informative content), SEO services can assist law firms greatly in reducing costs and also, increasing their streams of income.

Additionally, SEO services help improve brand visibility and credibility for law firms.

An SEO agency that does this fantastically, is In their site, you will find that from the logo and brand presence of, to their resources, blogs and overall design of the site–it is all designed to suite the needs of a lawyer/law firm, making it friendly, readable and comprehensive to their understanding.Including blog content on their drop-down menu with the most common articles to help lawyers, such as: “How to Improve Law Firm Profitability”, “Law Firm Marketing Strategies” and “How Much Should You Budget for Marketing”–all common questions any lawyer would like to know when exploring an marketing agency to suite their needs.

Additionally, the site includes a section within their dropdown guide titled “SEO for Lawyers”, concreting their target market.

They’ve also included statistics on the proof of their assistance with over law firms in the form of case studies on their home page.

And not to mention, targeting the specific pain points of their target market:

By creating online brand credibility, mastering your E-E-A-T and Google My Business, your agency will be able to greatly assist law-firm clients in attracting the best market for them, thus, bringing in greater streams of income, and in turn, income for your agency.


Interestingly enough, another unique niche that’s starting to take-off is robotics, and robotics companies seeking SEO services.

On a face-front value, one may think that it’s not as high in-demand as the counterparts mentioned above, however, if your SEO team are interested in the niche, it can be well rewarding.

Take Content For Cobots as a prime example, with the owner of the agency, Catherine, adding that she feels that “robotics & the new automation technologies are changing the manufacturing industry.”

Medium also recently released an article (2023) of the top 10 robotics SEO agencies globally, highlighting the ever-increasing demand for the services (both of SEO agencies niched in robotics, and robotic companies alike), as the industry is evolving.

According to GlobalData, the robotics market size is estimated to exceed $215 billion by 2030, offering promising growth and establishing itself in high-demand.

When targeting the robotics industry, Qviro offers incredible tips on strategy approaches to consider as an SEO agency, such as attracting the right market through SEO tools and PPC for keywords, utilising the benefits of voice search by marketing content fit for it, creating thought-provoking content for blogs, and highlighting the importance of a customer-centric approach via CRMs.

SEO agencies can capitalise greatly on the content and customer front-end of things with the robotics industry, so if you are looking to niche within robotics, ensure that your team are knowledged in the field, passionate about the industry and are strong in content creation.


Moving swiftly away from the robotics industry and into another unique niche–SEO agencies have also been dominating the wineries industry, and rightfully so. Wine farms are constantly reaping benefits from their online presence of late–whether it’s from ‘wine farms near me’ searches, to online shopping, online reviews or articles on their wines, and so much more.

Two very great examples of this are Kru Marketing and Vinbound Marketing. Kru Marketing’s tagline puts it as simply as it gets: helping “wineries get more tasting room reservations, online wine sales, & wine club subscriptions through search marketing campaigns.” and have impressively aided wineries in doubling their online customers.

Covecommerce adds that wineries offer a lot of appeal to SEO agencies because the niche is so broad and forever on-demand, therefore, forever requiring updated content, online presence, etc. in order to create that strong foundation for growth.

If your agency is based in an area with an abundance of wineries, or your SEO team consider themselves wine connoisseurs, this niche may be an ideal pick for your agency.

SEO Niches and Tangentially: Craig’s Case Story of Success

One of the last pointers to add to your business plan, when niching down, is to understand the importance of tangentially and it’s relation to niching down in SEO.

Tangentially essentially refers to (in business) having a route of business that’s slightly–but not directly, in-line with your primary business goals.

So, how does this apply to SEO niches?

Our co-founder of SEO for Hire, Craig Dewart, explored this exact scenario when he was looking to first get into SEO. With his first freelance role including leadgen on personal injury law–arguably one of the tougher, more competitive niches to enter into, especially when first starting out.

So, instead, Craig explored the notion of tangentially: aiming to rank a site for bumpers, car repairs, etc. because this would mean that those people who were in accidents would then phone in to get their cars repaired.

From there, his team would take those potential leads and offer them advice and quotes on paying for the car repairs through… you guessed it: placing personal injury claims.

And with big law firms not fretting much about smaller claims like car bumper repair leads, etc. it made it considerably much easier for Craig’s team to rank their site in these sub-niches that turn into potential leads for your main niche: a story of a well-thought-out customer journey combined with tangentially.

Craig offered another example for the sake of cementing the strategy:

Say, for instance, you want to specialise in real estate–but that’s too competitive of a niche for you; you can first start off with something like interior design and build-up your case studies to eventually move into and enter the real estate space, through the process of tangentially.

From niching down within a promising category, to exploring the power of local SEO and tangentially, crafting an effective SEO niche business plan for your agency will allow room for sustainable and effective growth and passive income for you to take your agency to newer heights 🚀

If you’d like to explore the rest of our list on 101 SEO niches for 2024, you can find the full resource here 👉 [ insert link ] And remember to incorporate a few of the strategies and approaches, as mentioned in the article above, for a streamlined, successful strategy 📈

Choosing a Niche

Choosing the correct niche is arguably the most important step of any SEO agency looking to niche down, as, unfortunately it isn’t as simple as selecting something that’s highly lucrative, or selecting a niche that your agency are passionate about–it’s a mixture of all those factors combined.

In our previous article, we explored methods to consider choosing an effective niche for your agency. This included steps such as:

  1. Break your niche-down approach into three key categories: specialisation niches, vertical niches and geography (in this article, we will place particular emphasis on ‘geography’/local SEO niches).
  2. Explore your ideal customer profile (ICP) before anything else. Pro Tip: we have a template for that.
  3. Identify your teams’ passions, interests and strengths. This will help provide a guide to which direction your agency’s niche could be heading.
  4. Utilise your tools and network to conduct market research: are there gaps, demand and opportunity?
  5. Conducting Keyword research analysis to determine which markets are oversaturated, which niches are drying up, and which are rising to trend.
  6. Analyse the profitability of the niches of interest:-certain niches could be skyrocketing, but are they profitable? How much do people spend on resources to supplement services and specialisations for those niches? For instance, if you don’t have a team specialised in a medical field, but you identify a highly profitable niche within the medical field, aim to identify a cost-analysis of hiring and/or training the teams required for such services.
  7. Test and review niches. SEO is all about this, after all, isn’t it? Testing, analysing and re-strategising. It only makes sense that this approach is brought into your approach when adopting a niche.
  8. Lastly, remember that you are not committed to a niche. If you see that there are better opportunities and your company is swayed into another direction, then, if it makes sense to the growth of the company, you can always re-shift your niche–or, even create your own niches.
  9. Similar to your ICP, conduct a competitor analysis for any potential niches you’d like to explore. This will include finding insights on their resources, rates, locations, customer loyalty, etc.
  10. Identify your agency’s differentiation within the chosen niche (plainly put–your USP), and in addition to that, identify your fine balance when niching down, ie. sitting in a sweet spot between niching down just enough to be as wide and profitable as possible, while also being as specific as possible without being too narrow of a niche.

After considering the above steps, we can dive into some other industries of the most trending niche topics in the market, currently.

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