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From: Rachel Perry
Location: Connective3

How big is the SEO team at Connective3?

We have 15 great SEOs on our team.

The group head of Organic covers the technical SEO team and the content team as well. The majority are based in Leeds. We’ve got one person that’s based in Manchester.

How would you describe the company culture?

It’s great and we are really people-focused as a company. We’ve got a real focus on progressing the team. So where possible, this role is a bit of an exception, we try and hire junior roles so that we can progress and train people so that they can have that career journey with us as we grow. 

As a company, we’ve grown from nothing to about 103 people. We’re 4 years old now. So the company is growing really quickly, and we know that people are the reason behind that. We do our best to give them the progression opportunities and the chance to kind of really grow with us. 

We’re really big on mental health and well being.

We have five wellbeing days a where you can take a day off short notice. We don’t ask what you’re using it for, but the whole point behind those is to establish work life balance. 

We offer private health care as standard. That covers all, dental and hearing, vision. 

What personality traits do your top performers have?

I think the key thing is just being driven. It is a fast paced environment. We’ve gone from zero to over 100 people in 4 years and with that comes huge opportunities for career growth for everyone in the business. That is the pace that we work at, so we need somebody that’s excited and driven by that opportunity.

We need someone that’s going to keep pushing us forward, keep driving change and keep making us look at things differently.

The organic team is still really in its infancy, so it is a opportunity for someone to come in and go, we should be doing this and driving that forward.

How do you celebrate employee success?

I think the main thing is progression opportunity. Everybody get an annual pay review, everybody set goals, everybody in the company gets a mentor. 

We just drive everyone to achieve their best, and then of reward that through salary increases, promotions. 

Obviously, this role is a bit different because it is near the peak, but we’re talking about the peak of where it is at 100 person agency not a 1000 person agency, that’s a completely different level. 

Whilst there may not be that progression in terms of a new job title every year, there is certainly scope to grow that team into a 40, 50, 60 person team in the next couple of years.

What does the perfect candidate look like?

I think really just somebody that’s done this before and has done it for a while. Someone who’s hungry and passionate about what they do. Someone with a lot of drive who takes pride in their work and their team.

What does your interview process look like?

We do an initial teams call 30 minutes. 

The 2nd stage is usually a task of some description, this varies on the level of the role.

Then there’s an hour-long interview face to face in our leads office, then usually what we tag onto the end of that is a meet the team.

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Head of Organic Search

The Role

As Head of Organic Search you are responsible for leading and managing our Organic team made up of strategists and executives. Organic search is your passion and you will play a key role in developing connective3’s SEO services, particularly across on-site disciplines such as technical SEO and content strategy.

Leading the Organic team, you will be a key figure within the agency when it comes to thought leadership and you will be able to confidently champion & communicate our connected way of working across the teams that deliver organic growth.

As part of the role, you will manage the performance of each team member, working closely with them to develop and grow the accounts they work on whilst also helping to address any strategic SEO challenges that come up.

As well as being an all-round strategic thinker, you will be hands-on in the role where you will manage some of connective3’s key accounts alongside your team management responsibilities. As part of this you will also play a key role in business development with a particular involvement in SEO/Organic Search proposals.

Management Responsibilities

  • Day to day management of the Organic team, working with the Head of Content to manage the Content arm of this department
  • Own the collective output of connective3’s SEO strategy work and the insights & results we deliver for clients
  • Conduct regular reviews with team members to ensure they are getting the most out of their work and client strategies
  • Play a key part in connective3’s marketing & business development activity and lead the agency’s thought leadership when it comes to Organic Search
  • Champion connective3’s Organic Search/SEO offering and regularly communicate SEO insights and industry changes back to the business


  • Lead and direct the SEO account teams and ensure all team members understand the client’s SEO performance and the strategy you have set
  • Take charge of client’s technical and content roadmaps – define monthly workflows and how this ties into wider account activity
  • Externally, be the main SEO contact for client teams and help them understand the business / commercial benefits of our proposed SEO activity
  • Alongside Client Directors & Project Managers, be involved in creating client roadmaps and regularly check in on progress across all SEO activity
  • Know your client’s organic landscape better than anyone else; understand their challenges, what the key opportunities for growth are and what role SEO plays in their marketing activity
  • Be genuinely passionate and excited about the activity and the results we’re delivering for our clients; share these updates with the rest of the agency at every opportunity

Account Responsibilities

  • Prioritise workflows – you play a key role in driving organic performance, you will know where the key gaps are and what aspects of organic search we should be focusing our efforts on and how that fits into a SEO roadmap
  • Create SEO strategy documents that clearly outline our 3, 6 or 12 month plans and how we will look to deliver growth – present and share these regularly with the account team
  • Be a hands-on strategic thinker – conduct regular SEO audits covering key areas of organic search; from content and technical through to link analysis
  • Regularly communicate and work with development teams to implement technical SEO activity crucial to driving performance
  • Regularly contribute to connective3’s marketing activity through SEO thought leadership to help strengthen our organic search proposition
  • Brief the wider account team on any key findings that could help to inform their own approach
  • Regularly use in-house and third-party competitor tools to carry out keyword and opportunity analysis, and outline future opportunities we should be exploring with the client
  • Regularly communicate organic results back to your clients
  • Alongside the account team, be heavily involved in monthly & quarterly performance reviews; contribute key SEO insights to slide decks and confidently talk through planned on-site initiatives