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From: Ade Hoder
Location: 427 Marketing

How many people in the SEO team? Whats the structure like?

  • Team of 4 growing
  • Direct report to Head of SEO
  • The small team means there is scope to grow your role as the company grows.

How would you describe the company culture?

  • We are a hands on and creative company and we value everyones input.
  • Everybody has touch points with the clients – everyone is involved
  • Quality of life is important – We fully support people’s hobbies and personal time
  • Self starting and improvement is important
  • We are all passionate about SEO and want the whole team to always have that trait

What kind of clients do you work with?

  • Big mix of clients from small local businesses to large corporates.
  • International Ecomm, Industrial clients, Interiors, food and drink, automotive and more.
  • Our wide range of clients means varied and interesting work.

How does the company celebrate employee success?

  • We celebrate success in many ways from little treats and bonuses to days out and more. We also love it when success is sought because it feels good and moving the company forward benefits everyone.

Room for career progression?

  • Small company means a lot of room to grow. As we get bigger we are hoping our team will take on senior roles.
  • Scope to head up your own team in a few years
  • Everyone who was employed at 427 marketing has moved up within thier own role.
  • Trying to build the senior team now – recruit juniors as we grow through
  • Good time to come on to go junior to senior

Which personality traits work the best at your company?

  • All friendly and relaxed
  • Positivity
  • We have a WhatsApp group to keep in touch and have fun.
  • Someone who’s going to get stuck in and join the team
  • Love doing charity stuff – we think being nice as a company and individuals is a very good thing.

Can you give me a quick brief on what the perfect candidate will look like for this?

  • Enthusiastic self starting
  • Ability to be creative
  • Someone who can get stuck in and bring things to the table.
  • Not scared to ask questions
  • Wants to work as a team but is happy to be left to work on tasks on thier own.

When I find the perfect candidate what does your interviewing process look like?

  • Chemistry call
  • Zoom call
  • Job offer

Please Check All Of The Questions
Where Your Answer Is YES!

Do you want to join a small team with a lot of room for growth?

Do you want to rewarded for your hard work?

Do you want to take your SEO career to the next level?

We’re looking for someone with:

  • A strong passion for SEO
  • A passion for onpage content
  • 1-2 years previosuly working in an agency
  • Experience with Semrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console.


  • Support the delivery of the SEO & Commercial Content Strategy to drive incremental traffic and conversion
  • Conduct keyword research, categorise into topical clusters and track performance over time to analyse performance
  • Conduct competitor analysis to identify keyword gaps and new opportunities for growth
  • Analyse SERP performance and identify opportunities for both quick and long term wins
  • Optimise on-site elements across the site including Header tags, metadata, internal links and schema markup
  • Regular reporting of core KPIs including search performance, keyword rankings, site visibility improvements and conversion metrics.