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From: Matt Vazquez
Location: Compound Growth Marketing

What’s the team structure like? How many SEO’s?

  • Team of 16
  • 2 SEO lead consultants for analysts
  • Most of team is contracted or part time.
  • 2 people full time

What kind of clients do you predominately work with?

  • b2b companies tech companies fast growing SAAS companies
  • Lead form websites
  • All clients based in the US, one or 2 based international.

How long have you been there for? How would you describe the company culture?

  • I’ve been here 3 years
  • We do a team meeting every quarter where the company is completely transparent.
  • Sit down and shares goals, revenue and gross profit.
  • We then talk about how things can be improved, what we learned and plan our future goals with the whole team.
  • We do micro goal setting that trickle down the the rest of the organisation.
  • The company takes great pride in its core values (I have a PDF that goes into great detail on these)
  • The CEO shares company updates on a monthly basis.
  • There’s training every month – we get together and do data visualisations.
  • Our company culture is based on bringing our core values into all our work as a team.

What kind of personality traits haven’t worked in the past?

  • People that are not learners
  • Biggest thing we offer is opportunity to grow
  • Great set of clients that see us as strategic partners so we want growers – our primary value is opportunity

Do you use any task management apps or slack for teams?

  • We use Asana and Coda.
  • Slack for messages

What’s your interview process look like?

  • Phone screen with Mat – Chemistry call
  • Test project – with one client and their data, access to SOPS. Spend up to 5 hours. pay 500 dollars. Come back a week later and talk about the test project. Love to see how the project went, example of past work. Any audits and case studies candidate has. Skill set – feedback from other senior leaders, CEO, head of businesses (PPC), Core values.offer process – background check, reference check

Please Check All Of The Questions
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Are you passionate about growth marketing?

Do you have a speciality in understanding sales and marketing funnels?

Do you want to work with clients who want to scale massively?


We are looking for an SEO Program Director to support our growing practice. The person in this role will be tasked with helping some of the fastest growing B2B companies in the world grow faster. Candidates who are growth-minded, analytical, strategic, and empathetic will excel in this role. We are looking for someone with experience in a demand generation setting and a strong understanding of the sales and marketing funnel.

This role is fully remote. We would prefer someone willing to be available in our primary time zone (Eastern Time).

About Compound Growth Marketing:

  • Compound Growth Marketing (CGM) is a marketing consultancy designed to help growing companies scale to $100+M in revenue by building sustainable demand generation systems. We have a track record of driving measurable results and best-in-class multi channel marketing solutions.

Role Overview

  • This is an opportunity to drive client results – performing analysis, overseeing the creation of deliverables and building the client’s strategy with your insights.
  • You are a growth marketer first, and an SEO second – making recommendations that drive toward conversion and fit within the bigger picture of our client’s business.
  • You will be managing a team – working with a team of analysts and specialists
  • You will help us improve client deliverables, and how we manage projects.
  • You will lead the day-to-day engagement with the client and own their success of driving revenue through SEO and content creation

Core Responsibilities:

  • Lead the strategy and implementation of content and SEO across multiple clients, including but not limited to account strategy development, setup, and management
  • Build and establish client relationships by acting as the lead day-to-day contact for client communication, running client meetings, statuses, and presentations.
  • Inspire change & build trust with clear communication
  • Proactively identify areas of opportunity to improve efficiency and present data-driven recommendations that improve current marketing and business practices
  • Use statistical analysis to draw conclusions about performance, and provide insights and recommendations
  • Develop, implement and measure robust multivariate tests for SEO and content
  • Align on goals and KPIs for clients
  • KPI is MQLs / revenue from organic
  • Provide recommendations and partner with the client to develop a measurement plan across the sales funnel
  • Build & project manage the program roadmap
  • Plan & schedule out deliverables & execution to be completed
  • Manage analyst team and client resources to execute this plan
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects, drive hard to completion, and deliver effective results

Success Metrics

  1. Client retention
  2. MQLs / revenue driven for clients

Culture Fit:

  • We look to build long-term, trusting relationships in everything that we do. We believe that practicing optimism, transparency, honesty and empathy is the best way to live and work. We are thankful for the opportunity to create a career path like this, and want to offer that same opportunity for others.
  • Our 5 core values are:
  1. Always on offense – Proactive, actionably curious. With clients, we are pushing the tempo, not just taking orders.
  2. Values ownership – Reliable; communicative, responsive, accountable. Always looking for improvement; wants feedback; growth-minded
  3. Optimistic – Optimistic; fun to work with; let’s get it done and not focus on the negative
  4. Empathetic – intuitive; critical thinking; user-driven. Humility; not “above” the day-to-day work. Being appreciative of the work of the team
  5. Understands the bigger picture – thoughtful approach, contextualizing problems, customizing the approach for the client with a tailored playbook


Minimum Requirements:

  • You have 2+ years of agency experience
  • You have experience with fast growing companies
  • You have at least 5 years of experience in the following platforms: Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • You have at least 5 years of experience in SEO
  • You have experience growing qualified leads or revenue through SEO

Requirements (elaborated)

1. You know how to drive qualified leads through SEO initiatives

  • You know the role that SEO plays in a broader B2B demand generation strategy.
  • You know all of the SEO best practices, but more importantly, you know the ones that are worth prioritizing when KPIs are things like “Free Trials Started” or “Demos Requested”.
  • You are able to speak the language of execution when working with analysts & freelancers, and strategy, when working with executives.
  • You are able to audit a drop or increase in performance in Google Analytics & Google Search Console to determine the cause.

2. You know how to scale growth through content

  • You understand that helping companies scale results requires content and can help direct this through strategy creation, education and enablement.
  • You are able to determine what keywords and language make sense given the client and target audience – applying the keyword research appropriately
  • You are strong at researching and stay up to date on the latest developments in terms of search engine optimization, content trends and consumer behavior

3. You enjoy working with clients

  • This role will be client facing, this is something that you enjoy (explaining concepts, moving the conversation forward, and being great with people).
  • Learning about new industries sounds exciting to you. You will regularly take on new clients and understanding their company, industry and customers is critical

4. The challenge of driving growth for companies looking to scale is exciting to you

  • We are not just inching forward growth for clients that have already found major success and want to continue riding the wave. Our aim is scalable impact in a potentially life-changing way. This requires a different mindset and approach to strategy.

5. You’re an expert with SEO diagnostic, analytics and competitive insight tools

  • Familiarity and expertise with best of breed tool sets including Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Clearscope, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.
  • You are comfortable learning new tools

6. You love to learn

  • You aren’t afraid to ask for help, but also enjoy trying to learn it on your own first.
  • You’re likely a curious & analytical person

7. You understand the nuances of B2B marketing

  • our clients often market to sophisticated professionals in high-consideration markets (i.e. longer sales cycles, more touch points required, etc.)
  • this influences the way we think about keywords, content and conversion for our client


Compensation and Benefits – Commensurate with Experience.

  • Full time employees will have access to our medical benefits (medical, dental, vision)
  • Reimbursement available for items needed to complete the job effectively (coworking membership, laptop, headphones, etc.)