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From: Samir
Location: North Star Network

How would you describe the company culture?

  • A lot of transparency
  • Each market – every person knows exactly which clients are bringing on how much
  • ability to quality and quantity
  • moving fast with competition but making sure we keep our quality
  • Not an easy market but extremely rewarding
  • People need to love the market
  • Passionate about SEO
  • Loving the process

How does the company celebrate employee success?

  • We have a very good SEO team that will teach people that come in
  • Structure process – going through missions, and daily targets for people to grow
  • Meet head of markets – dedicated small on boarding

Can you give me a quick brief on what the perfect candidate will look like for this?

  • love competition
  • loves ranking first
  • talk about ranking
  • they keep things simple
  • they love technical, backlinks and content
  • be able to autonomous and communicate

When I find the perfect candidate what does your interviewing process look like?

  • small audit
  • 5 best fixes on this website

Please Check All Of The Questions
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Do you want to excel your SEO career?

Do you have a passion for sports?

Do you want to work in a fast paced environment to build your skills?

North Star Network hosts sports fan communities across the world. We run sports media in over 30 countries, helping bettors make informed choices about their wagers and where to place them.

To best serve our product and project development, we are currently opening a Head of Markets role.

A few figures about our portfolio of websites, which cover sports including football, boxing, MMA, e-sports, basketball and more.

  • 50+ websites.
  • 20M+ monthly page views (and rising
  • covering 40+ markets.

Missions (onsite SEO) :

  • 360° on-site audits / Definition and application of SEO best practices on our websites
  • Keyword research, semantic optimization, internal links strategy.
  • Technical optimization, analysis of crawls & logs.

Missions (offsite SEO):

  • Define the market netlinking strategy in line with the overall SEO strategy.
  • Development of our website portfolio through media acquisition (qualification, pre-audits)

To achieve your goals as an SEO specialist, you will have :

  • a large budget
  • access to the best SEO tools (licenses, internal tools, access to e-learning courses…)
  • a first class technical team to work with
  • A passionate and dedicated team of SEO specialists
  • a team specialising in netlinking

Status :

  • Permanent contract (CDI)
  • Salary : £35,000 + DOE.
  • Location: remote

Requirements :

Profile and experience required:

  • 3+ years as an SEO
  • Comfortable with the main SEO tools on the market (aHrefs, Screaming frog, Seolyzer, Majestic) and analytics (Google Analytics, Search Console,)
  • Experience in competitive SERPs (with concrete results to show)
  • Professional English / Portuguese is a bonus
  • A strong interest in SEO and the desire to share