Finding A Mentor To Hack Your Career Growth

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Find A Mentor

First things first, why do I want a mentor?

Finding a mentor is the wisest business decision you’ll ever make. When you find the right one, you see it’s the missing ingredient you’ve been searching for.

Think about it.

The people you admire and aspire to be will have the best advice to help you get there.

Yes, you need a network of like-minded people to bounce ideas off, share advice and stories, and guide you on what steps they could take next.

But you need a mentor who’s already gone through everything you’re struggling with, who can deliver actionable advice that you can implement instantly and see lightning results.

Someone who has walked the walk will help you talk the talk, so you can stop making the mistakes they did.

What took them 15 years might take you half the time with the lessons and advice they can teach you. Plus, their advice is more valuable because they’ve been through it before.

I have plenty of mentors; my dad is my biggest one. His life experience and 30+ years in business helped guide me with advice on his mistakes and helped shape my path.

Equally as important as your SEO career. Finding someone at the top of their SEO game, i.e. Head of SEO at an exciting company, an SEO agency owner or someone you respect in the industry, will be able to jumpstart your SEO career.

How To Find The Right Mentor?

Step 1.

Create your dream mentor.

Are you looking for a link-building pro?

A killer content creator?

A savvy tech SEO?

An all-around SEO beast?

Put together your perfect avatar in your head.

Write down all the skills and experience they’ll have. What kind of companies they’ve worked for? What size of campaigns do they deal with?

Step 2.

Search for them.

Now that you’ve figured out what kind of person you want to find as a mentor. It’s time to make a list of people that have this checklist.

Put together a list of highly talented SEOs.

Look into their background. Was it similar to yours? Did they start the same as you? Were their pain points the same as yours?

The more similar they are to you, the easier it will be for you to connect, relate, and act on their advice.

Step 3.

Look closer to home.

Why not try your network first?

Before doing any cold outreach, ask your network if anyone has a connection with anyone on your list.

You can be introduced to people quickly, and the approach can be warmer and more genuine - they call it cold messaging for a reason.

Step 4.

Create a killer proposal.

The same way you’d create a cover letter for your favourite job.

Put together a message on why you’re coming to them. Stroke their ego but in an authentic way.

Why have you approached them?

What would you like them to be able to teach you?

How much of their time are you asking for?

What are you willing to do in return?

What benefit will they get out of this?

There’s no downside to this. Even if you get rejected, that person may recommend someone else or will remember your name in the future.

But fingers crossed, you’ll propose, and they’ll say yes. Then you can capture the moment for your followers with a #TheySaidYes.

Do something about it.

Now you have the tools to find a mentor. It’s time to take action.

Go out and start networking, and you’ll get a bite. And don’t worry if you’re struggling to find the right mentor. We have something exciting in the mix.

SEO For Hire is putting together a mentorship program.

We’ll combine a list of talented SEOs willing to mentor people.

It’s needed in the SEO community. Sometimes, it’s easy for the tyrants to forget that they were once a struggling SEO trying to catch up with the rest.

SEO is like a game you compete with your eyes closed. But it’s the past winners of the game that can take that blindfold off.

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