Setting Goals To Excel Your SEO Career

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Setting Goals To Excel In Your SEO Career

Why do I need to set goals?

Setting goals is the first step to turning your dreams into a reality. It’s the transition from wishes to aspirations, from make-believe to real life.

When you wish for something, you close your eyes, imagine it, and hope that the universe will take its course.


When you make something your goal, you shoot to score.

Hope without goals is just simply a fantasy.

Setting goals and creating a plan to hit them will keep you motivated and advance your SEO career.

Working in SEO without goals is like a footballer on a pitch without a ball.

Sure, you can still move around, but you won’t be able to do anything to help you excel (i.e. you won’t be able to shoot a goal).

I want you to look at these quotes:

“Begin with the end in mind.”

“If you aim for nothing. You’ll hit it every time.”

“Setting goals is the first step to turning the invisible into visible.”

Whether it be financial, physical, emotional, or growth goals, making them and meeting them will only benefit your SEO career.

Because to do better SEO, you have to do better at being human. We thrive off success, validation, and affirmation.

So when we achieve our goals, no matter how small, we’re instantly prepared to tackle the next. It’s the recognition we need to carry on and excel in a better future.

How to set SEO goals?

Setting goals can be a daunting task. You can wonder if the goals you’ve selected are unrealistic, too challenging, or just not interesting enough.

To take the pressure off, we’d recommend speaking with your manager or employer and asking them what they expect from you.

Then use that as groundwork. Build on top of their expectations with a little something extra. Go the extra mile, seek your validation, and prove your excellence.

I see people make mistakes setting goals all the time.

A typical SEO goal is: “I need more traffic to my website soon.”

It’s too vague.

How much traffic?

What counts as more traffic to you?

What’s your deadline?

Instead, you should divide your goal into three segments.

1. Outcome goal

This should be a singular goal you’re working towards and usually, when done right, involves a sh*t tonne of winning.

Your outcome goal should be specific to your company's goals and support your SEO growth.

It takes the guessing game away by setting up specific data that allows it to be measured.

For example: “I want to rank top three for [certain keyword] in the next six months.”

2. Performance goal

Your performance goal is what sets the standard to reach your outcome goal. For example, if your goal is to rank top three for [specific keyword] in the next six months, you will need to take extra steps to help you get there. If you don’t, then your goal is just a wish.

A performance goal would be: “Get 30 high quality backlinks to the page within six months.” / “have 30 high-quality articles with a 70+ surfer score within four months.”

3. Process goal

This is the dissection of your performance goal. Let’s take the article's goal as an example.

What do you need to do to make these articles happen?

A process goal could be “write 500 words a day.”

These three significant goals all need each other for the other to work.

Write 500 words a day.


Have 30 high-quality articles with a 70+ surfer score within four months.


Rank top three for [specific keyword] in the next three months!

Time to put this into action

You have the ingredients to make yourself a set of goals; all that’s left is actioning them.

Most of the time, people are on a high about making goals, but eventually, their motivation dims, and they forget about them.

It happens a lot, financially and physically; you name it.

We recommend writing your goals and telling your employer about them. This way, there are no excuses. And we promise you, your employer will be impressed!

A suggestion for your first goal:

Outcome goal: “Share my SEO goal with my employer.”

Performance goal: “Write my new goals down and split them into three sectors.”

Process goal: “Set up a meeting with my employer to tell them about it.”

Good luck with your goals. And you can thank me later when you experience the exhilarating thrill of a win!

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