Why Should You Use A Recruitment Company When Hiring?

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A recruitment agency is more than just the middleman. Here at SEO For Hire, we act as effective match-makers in the recruitment process, ensuring that the right person gets matched with the right job role and vice versa.

We have two clients to please: your business and the jobseeker. If we fail to meet the needs of one, we fail to meet the needs of both - which is why you should use a recruitment company when hiring! You’re guaranteed to gain new employees with the right qualifications, attitude, and ambition for the role you’re looking to fill.

To go into more detail, this article will highlight the main advantages of using a recruitment company when hiring.

The Struggles of Hiring

As a company, hiring can cost you time, money, and resources. You need to carve out a significant amount of time to determine the job role you need to fill and write a job ad that will attract the candidates you want. This can be difficult, specifically if the job role is a new addition to the company and you’re not entirely sure of the extent of responsibilities involved.

Then, you’ve got to sift through applications and CVs, reread them over and narrow down a list of potential candidates. Lastly, there’s the interview process, where you have to be on full alert to pick up the character of each candidate and judge how well you believe they fit the role. 

Overall, it’s an exhausting process that may not even bring you close to the results you were hoping for. In the end, you’ll likely be fed up with the struggles of hiring and end up just giving the job to the best of a bad bunch.

This, of course, could be disastrous for your company. Not only are you taking a massive gamble, but you could be putting the integrity of your company at stake. It’s not difficult to find horror stories of in-house recruitments gone awry, from ghosting employees to new employees unable to complete basic tasks.

If your company is customer-facing and a new employee completely disregards the company ethos, your reputation could be soiled permanently.

This is why hiring a recruitment company is a worthwhile investment, as it saves you time and stops you from taking unnecessary risks.

The Benefits of Using A Recruitment Company

Of course, hiring a recruitment company is not only good for unburdening you of the responsibility. Here are the main benefits of using a recruitment company:

Expand outreach

A recruitment company can widen your candidate pool massively by being well connected with potential candidates in the field you are looking for. Here at SEO For Hire, for example, we have a massive reach in terms of social media and have a lot of engagement with professionals in the field of SEO. Sharing your job posting on one of our accounts would massive expand the outreach of the position.

Recruitment companies like us are also well linked to ‘passive’ talent, meaning potential candidates who aren’t actively looking for employment at the moment. These people may be ideal for the job, but there’s little chance you’re going to catch the attention of this group of people through your in-house recruitment campaign. A recruitment company, on the other hand, can inform them directly of the job opening, which may pique their interest.

Jobseekers who are passionate about the job role will sign up for recruitment agencies, as they bring more promise to them as opposed to endlessly scrolling through job ads. You’ll unlikely get a candidate subscribed to a recruitment company who is not invested in their field of interest. A recruitment company will expand your outreach to include only individuals who are serious about the job.

We are the only recruitment company specialising in SEO recruitment and won’t waste time on those who aren’t serious about SEO. We work side-by-side with SEO agency workers, giving us access to the widest pool of SEO talent available.

Industry knowledge

A recruitment agency, particularly those that specialise in a particular area of the job market, will have specialised knowledge of the industry. Having built up plenty of experience dealing with both jobseekers and businesses, they are well in tune with how the industry runs.

They can, therefore, provide you with up-to-date knowledge on the current state of things. They can provide you with ideas for salaries, career expectations, market trends, and available skill sets.

At SEO For Hire, we are particularly on the pulse when it comes to current market trends. We host a regular podcast, where we invite such guests along as the head of SEO at Misguided and Groupon to share their knowledge and experience from some of the most sought-after jobs in the business.

From these podcasts, we learn invaluable knowledge about the hiring process and generally what’s expected from an SEO professional today.

Save time

Using a recruitment company to find the perfect candidates saves you time in several ways. For one, they have experience generating targeted job ads and know how to use appropriate wording and data to attract desirable candidates - they have a huge amount of experience in doing this. They can decide on appropriate pay brackets and qualifications needed for the job.

Generating an appropriate job ad can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the process, which you can cut out completely with the help of a recruitment company. All you’ve got to do is provide them with details of the job, and leave the rest up to them.

Secondly, they monitor the applications received and read through all CVs on your behalf. They can expertly pick out ideal candidates and discard ones that don’t make the cut. They can also carry out correspondences with selected candidates and deal with all other administrative aspects of the process.

A recruitment company can do all of this while you tend to the day-to-day running of your company. You don’t have to sacrifice any of your own working time for the recruitment campaign, besides the interviews.

Although you’ll have to (and imaginably want to) sit through the interview stage, the recruitment company will organise the logistics of this for you. You can tell them when you’re available, and the recruitment company will make an interview timetable that best suits your schedule.

Save money

Although a cliche, ‘time is money’ couldn’t be more true than when it comes to filling a job role. Not only are you wasting working time by seeking out a new candidate, but you’re also wasting money the longer the position remains unfilled. The sooner you get the position filled, the better off your company is financially.

You need this new candidate for a reason: either there’s a skill required that nobody on your team currently possesses, or your business is overrun by work and is struggling to meet demands.

Recruitment companies can guarantee to have a position filled in as quickly a time as possible, shortening the number of days you have to go with an empty seat in your office. The sooner the candidate is hired, the sooner you can start saving money.

Plus, by finding the most suitable candidate through a recruitment agency, you don’t waste time covering the cost of frequent staff turnovers.

Grow your business

Is your SEO business just starting? Have you been plagued by a high staff turnover rate? A recruitment company could undertake your employment responsibilities fully as a long-term project, working to secure you the best team.

Recruitment agencies normally come with a guarantee that either the candidate selected will stay working for your company long-term, or the recruitment company will find a replacement if they decide to leave.

If you build a good working relationship with a recruitment company, you never have to worry about filling vacant jobs again. If you’ve got plenty of jobs to fill, SEO For Hire has a specialised candidate to fit each job role exactly.

Why Choose SEO For Hire

You should choose SEO For Hire as we’re one of the only recruitment companies that focus on SEO jobs exclusively. We are involved in SEO in every way imaginable: we look for jobs, we find ideal candidates, we talk at length about SEO on our regular podcasts, and we pen informative blog posts on the topics we think matter to the industry.

We know SEO - and we promise to fill your vacant SEO position with a candidate that exceeds expectations.

Benefits of using us:

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