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From: Jeremy Mosher
Location: uSERP

Director of SEO (Senior)


  • Jeremy Moser
  • Brad Smith



  • Attention to detail
  • Really good communicators as they’ll be working with global clients
  • Management experience

How would you describe the company culture?

  • We’re all very welcoming and want people to grow
  • Nearly no employee turnover in 3 and half years
  • People who start at day 1 are still here
  • We prioritise bringing people in early and building them up
  • We have a very strong team – everyone is very collaborative
  • Everyone is their to help

What clients do you predominately work with?

  • Monday.com, Active campaign
  • Venture driven start ups
  • Mostly B2B sometimes B2C

How many people in the team? Whats the structure like?

  • Team of 32 SEO’s
  • SEO director – Jeremy (from Wales)

Who will this person be reporting to?

  • Reporting to myself (Jeremy)

How does the company celebrate employee success?

  • We celebrate employee success through sharing our wins and celebrating promotions on slack or Linkedin to get everyone involved.
  • We also celebrate with gift cards and bonuses depending on performance
  • We’re a close knit team and want everyone to feel appreciated

Which personality traits have not worked out for your company?

  • Folks that like to work in a silo on their own and don’t like working in a team

What personality traits have worked?

  • Because we’re a fully remote team we need the candidate to be very commutative Being able to work in a team is a must for us

How have you found the top performers at USERP?

  • A lot of our top performs came in early and made their way to the top through uSERP helping to build them up
  • We measure soft skills – what does the client think of you?

When I find the perfect candidate what does your interviewing process look like?

  • First call is with Jeremy to see what the chemistry is like
  • Second stage is a paid test project. This is to get an idea on how they work remotely. Do they like the tasks they’ve been given etc
  • Final call is to go over the task. Answer any questions candidate might have. Hopefully make job offer

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Are you ready to excel your career?

Are you ready to join a team of passionate SEO’s?

Are you ready to join a team where company culture is at the forefront of the role?

Here’s a rough list of typical activities you’d face from week to week:

  • You’ll manage 3-5 clients depending on size
  • Strategize, plan, and coordinate link building activities
  • Create link building content ideas, angles, and pitches
  • Pitch and conduct link building outreach
  • Participate in client meetings and strategy calls with Director of SEO

Job Requirements

  • 1-2 years SEO experience
  • Holistic SEO Knowledge (technical, on-page, content, link building, digital PR)
  • Strong experience with link building
  • Digital PR
  • Outreach
  • Guest Posting

What Our Team Values

  • We are a fully remote company, so we expect you to manage your time and responsibilities with no in-person oversight.
  • On the flip side, that means we don’t micromanage you, track your time, and make you punch in and out. We aren’t interested in babysitting you. We’re interesting in fostering your success and the success of the team.

We value:

  • Teamwork: we’re fully remote and thrive on being a cohesive team that communicates and helps each other succeed.
  • Transparency: tell things how they are. We want unimpeachable character.
  • Commitment: to your team, your clients, the company, and most importantly: yourself and continual growth.
  • Bias towards action: startups thrive on action. Theory can only get you so far. If you prefer taking action and getting it done, you’ll fit in well here.
  • Desire to win: we aren’t here to just exist as a random SEO agency. We are here to become the best in this space. New challenges and fast growth should be music to your ears.

Want to be a part of our accelerated growth, working with billion dollar brands to scale their organic rankings? We want you on the team 😃