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From: Raife Wieland
Location: Promote Online

What’s the company culture like?

  • Transparent, friendly, flexible.
  • We’re very big on doing the right thing. Morals and ethics come first.
  • So many businesses that do a rubbish SEO job. We have ethics and genuinely care about our clients.
  • We partner with our clients – not just for one off sales but for life long relationships.
  • We reward our team and there’s a lot of room for promotion
  • Toni has has been with us 4 years and has been promoted to client delivery manager
  • We’re a growing team and we want to bring people up with us

How does the company celebrate employee success?

  • Promotion
  • Financial Rewards
  • Annual salary reviews

How many people in the SEO team? Whats the structure like?

  • Aime Rackham – Operation director / Founder
  • Reife Wieland – Director & Founder
  • Toni Farrington – Client Delivery Manager
  • Steven Kerr – Head of SEO
  • You will be reporting directly to Steven.

Describe me your perfect employee?

  • Someone straight talking and up front
  • Good communicating with clients over zoom and face to face
  • Brings loads of value to business
  • Want someone who takes pride in delivering SEO
  • Someone who can see opportunities
  • Someone friendly, results driven, motivated
  • Loyal
  • Tell us what’s working and what’s not working
  • Business development
  • Bring on their own SEO clients if they want
  • We need the right person to deliver it
  • This is such an exciting opportunity for someone and we want to support them with this

When I find the perfect candidate what does your interviewing process look like?

  1. Chemistry call to see if we click
  2. Call with Steven – More SEO based
  3. 3rd call – Job offer

Please Check All Of The Questions
Where Your Answer Is YES!

Want to join a small fast growing company?

Want to have a clear map of career progression?

We’re looking for someone with the following :

  • We’re looking for someone with 1-2 years SEO experience
  • Someone who’s genuinely passionate about SEO
  • Someone who is results driven
  • Someone who is great with handling and building client relationships
  • Someone who potenitally could help us hire and manage our SEO team in the future
  • Someone who shows great inititive


  • Develop and implement content creation campaigns to enhance page authority
  • Strategise and produce content on a monthly basis
  • Promoting content through clever outreach methods
  • Stay up to date on new link-building strategies and regularly contribute new tactics and ideas to the team.

If you tick these off and are interested in the role please drop me a message to find out more!