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From: Mattias Lundkvist
Location: MJ Group Ltd

How do you celebrate employee success?

  • We are always celebrating both individual and team success through promotions, bonuses & career development.

What is the structure of the company?

  • We currently have 10 people as part of our team which include;
  • CEO
  • Partner
  • 2x SEO Specialists
  • On site SEO Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Developer
  • 2 Designers
  • SEO Assistant

When we find the right candidate what does your interview structure look like?

  • 1st Stage – SEO Test
  • 2nd Stage – Interview with CEO & follow up questions
  • 3rd Stage – Potentially another meeting to discuss career ambitions

How would you describe the company culture?

  • We have a fully remote team so it is easy to meet great people from all over.
  • Even though the team is fully remote we ensure that we always bring positive energy on our huddles & team meetings
  • We are very goal oriented, everyone works together to achieve our main goal of bringing 1,000 visitors to the site per month.

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Do you want to be apart of a faced paced working enviornment?

Do you want to be part of a company passionate about SEO?

Does working fully remote sound good?

Job Description

  • We focus on affiliates in the UK market.
  • We rank for terms like “best trading platforms UK” and “Best forex trading apps UK”.
  • The SEO Project Manager will report to Mattias & have the opportunity to step up into the CEO role within 1-2 years.

Job Requirements

  • iGaming / finance experience
  • Technical, strategist, handling clients
  • We need someone with a lot of AI experience.
  • Merging AI for content. 60% of content and then content writers for expertise in article.
  • Knowledge on prompting and chat gpt
  • Technical SEO experience
  • Communicate with designer and developer
  • Knowledge of link building