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From: Harry Sanders
Location: StudioHawk

How many people in the SEO team?

  • We have a growing and developing organization structure focused on our SEO team.
  • We have different levels at every stage of SEO development
  • UK specialists will start as an SEO Specialist, after 6 month placed in a level and can progress
    up in levels into a Senior or Team Leader role.
  • We have a detailed progression chart and roadmap
  • Every team has a team leader, we look for leaders at all levels.
  • Each team is 5 -6 specialists – a team leader, a senior specialist, seo specialists and junior SEO.

We love to have people progress to find their style of work:

  • Team leader support the team and coach everyone it’s like a mini agency within StudioHawk
  • Senior SEO specialists take on the complex campaigns and run critical projects for agency growth.

How would you describe the company culture?

  • We are wholesome nerds that love bantering about SEO, here’s our culture book.
  • We’ve won the Best Agency Culture Award in 2022, and 2023 for our investment in our team culture.
  • We always have a growth mindset, we’re not in this for the short term, we’re going for gold.
  • We have progression systems and roadmaps that are developing as we scale. Opportunities open up for new roles not just within SEO but as part of the business.
  • We love self-discovery and development, we organize a retreat for our new SEO Specialists to bond with the team and talk big picture.
  • Our team is built from people that have progressed through levels to reach Team Leader, Senior, Head Of, and even the General Manager have started as junior SEO Specialist
  • We invest in leadership and management training for SEO Specialists.
  • We’re all about growing individuals. We want to help people grow with not just SEO but also as potential leaders, and empowered in their careers.

How does the company celebrate employee success?

  • Every employee has a scorecard for their KPI’s – gives accountability and clarity in if you’re on track or off track.
  • Those who perform above expectation get bonuses from this system.
  • We recognise wins from the team
  • In our campaign-wins channel in slack we say “show that ramp” when traffic is up.
  • Through our monthly review with the team, we recognise the wins during the month by the team.
  • The quarterly Golden Hawk award for someone that goes above and beyond.
  • We submit awards for SEO, and help our team craft great entries to showcase their results.

When we have a good month, we put on a special lunch or event for the team for coming through during a tough period or exceeding our goals.

Which personality traits have not worked out for your company?

  • Ego is a big one.
  • We don’t want conflict or tension. no office politics.
  • We want people to get along and communicate.
  • Be solution oriented.
  • Take accountability for mistakes, learn from them.
  • Chin up when times are hard, be a positive force.
  • We want people who are passionate about SEO, love what they do, and want to do it as a career.

When I find the perfect candidate what does your interviewing process look like?

Be up for an adventure to another country, it’s a big step to make sure it’s something you’ve thought through and talked to friends and family about.

Because of the relocation process we take our time through multiple steps, so be OK with early morning / late night, the process works like this:

  1. General questions call, explain the role, ask questions
  2. Visa questionnaire
  3. Scenario based interview about SEO
  4. Live audit / trial day at the UK office
  5. Decision is made!

Please Check All Of The Questions
Where Your Answer Is YES!

Always thought about moving to Australia?

Want to join a company that has won awards based on their company culture?

Want to join a company that has a progression roadmap for you?

Salary range: £40,000 – £50,000 + DOE

Are you an SEO specialist with at least a year or more relevant experience based in the UK? We want you to come to Australia. We are even offering to sponsor & fly you over!

We are a purely SEO agency, winners of ‘Best Large Agency’ at the global search awards and ‘Best Agency Culture’ at the global agency awards.

StudioHawk is located in a prime location, just off Chapel Street in Melbourne, in a beautifully converted warehouse 10 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from the city. We work in-office Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with flexibility on Monday & Friday.

We’ll also help you with relocation, pairing you up with a local buddy to show you around and help you settle into your new life, as well as covering a return trip to London and back once a year.

You will be joining a team of over 40 SEO specialists in the company and leading the charge in sharing what makes SEO so great both internally and externally.

For us, having the best culture doesn’t mean having a ping-pong table (although we do have one), it means having a transparent, supportive environment that fosters evolution of talent, with clearly defined career progression all the way from running your own team up to agency leadership roles.

Working with us you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals focused on career growth and SEO awesomeness.

You don’t have to justify your existence with an in-house role, or wrangle with account managers and immense workloads at a full service agency.

You don’t have to deal with customers who were sold an SEO promise and have been given an SEO lemon.

We have SEO specialists who know what they’re doing and what they’re talking about, who speak with current and prospective clients, with that honesty and transparency of – I am the person who ‘walks the walk’.

This model of working was designed for SEO from the ground up, built for SEO specialists like you.

To find out if you’re the best fit for us, does the following describe you?

  • Creative and like to think outside of the box.
  • Always looking for personal and professional progression.
  • Someone that enjoys meeting new people and building relationships.
  • Love working with others
  • Fascinated by the world of digital marketing, especially organic search.
  • Looking to be a part of a high growth agency on the bleeding edge of innovation.
  • Tenacious and resilient; able to think on your feet when thrown in the deep end.
  • Able to write emails, correspond on phone calls, and communicate efficiently during internal & external meetings (this is important!!)
  • StudioHawk is a rapidly growing, specialised SEO agency based in Melbourne & London.

We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of organic search and create outcomes worth celebrating with the team.

For more information on how we strategise and provide results for out clients see our case studies – https://studiohawk.com.au/case-studies/

The Perks:

  • Clear progression pathways
  • Modern working environment – We don’t work in a stuffy office full of beige cubicles. We’re currently located in a refurbished warehouse in Prahran.
  • Wednesday healthy breakfast supplied.
  • Mental health programs available with 3x free support sessions a year.
  • Monthly physiotherapy/massage sessions.
  • Team lunches & activities + company wide events – Some past events include cork and canvas, archery attack, axe-throwing, escape rooms, office Olympics, pizza nights, and pottery.”
  • Pet-friendly office – We have Basil, our ‘Doggo In Charge’, but you can bring your pets to the office as well. If they love other people and scratches behind the ear, they’re welcome at StudioHawk.

As Part of The Cast:

We are looking for people from all backgrounds, whether you have an unsatisfying in-house role with limited growth, or if you are coming from a full-service agency where SEO isn’t seen as a priority and you are drowning in the stress.

While we are looking for experience, we are looking for quality above all. You might only have one year’s experience in SEO, but it could count for that 3 years everyone is always asking for. Apply anyway. If we see potential in you, the years won’t matter.

Sounds intriguing thus far? Keep reading to learn exactly what the role entails:

  • Independently creating and leading SEO campaign strategies.
  • Comfortable working with a range of clients including business owners, marketing managers, website merchandisers, and content creators.
  • Clear communication with clients via emails, phone calls, Zoom, and in-person meetings.
  • Directing SEO campaigns and identifying opportunities for growth.
  • Writing and creating monthly reports for clients.
  • Advanced proposals and auditing.
  • Advanced keyword research.
  • Deep dive traffic analysis and forensic SEO auditing.
  • Strong technical SEO understanding and ability.
  • Work with large companies on international SEO strategies.
  • Offsite optimisation strategies and link analysis.
  • Intermediate onsite changes. (301 migrations, heading tag fixes).
  • Installing and checking tracking codes.
  • Training and assisting juniors and other members of the team to grow and develop.
  • Assisting Senior Managers with rolling out internal strategies.

Opportunity to grow SEO skills into a senior level by leading SEO campaigns for some of the largest enterprise companies in the country.

Where we want to see you in two years:

  • Be one of the leading SEO specialists in the world, working on world class campaigns, and potentially leading your own team.
  • Winning globally recognised awards for your epic SEO campaigns.

What’s next?

Write a cover letter that discusses what excites you most about the role. Was it our perks, our case studies, our staff’s good looks? It can be anything! Talk about what it takes to be a Hawk.

  1. Tell us what your favourite hobby is and why (so we can weed out people that didn’t read this very sentence).
  2. Attach your CV and anything else that makes you stand out, show us an SEO strategy they have previously implemented and what the results were!

We are looking for a passionate SEO Specialist with a keen interest in the SEO industry, who is motivated to learn and develop with us!

Successful applicants will be asked to complete a month in our UK office to make sure that this is the right role for you before we send you across the world.