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At SEO For Hire, we’re SEO specialists. Whether it’s a Technical SEO, SEO Manager, or even a Project Manager in an SEO-focused team, our expertise ensures we only connect you with roles where SEO is at the heart.

It’s not just recruitment; it’s about sustaining the pulse of the SEO ecosystem.

Our Services

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SEO Specialists

Entry level to Senior SEOs

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SEO Leaders

From SEO Manager all the way to Director of SEO

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Digital PR

Experts in enhancing digital reputation and online outreach

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Head of Digital 

Oversees all digital operations and digital team management

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Project Manager

Leader in project planning, execution, and stakeholder communication

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Marketing Manager

Expert in driving customer engagement and market growth

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Account Manager

Expert in client communication

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Sales Manager

Leader in sales strategy

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All our services include
these features:

Expert advice Harnessed from
our experience working with
Fortune 500 companies.

Our clientele range from global startups to Fortune 500 companies so we have a wealth of experience and insights into team structures, hiring processes, onboarding flows and much more that we advise our clients on. We like to say; dress for the job you want and hire for the business you want to become.

Diagnostic assistance To find
the best fit for your business needs.

We are seasoned experts at recognising when a hire is premature for the business needs. When this is the case, our professional network is a gold chest for finding the right agency to outsource to until you are ready for an internal hire.

Ongoing training,
Upskilling and educational resources.

All of our clients and candidates get lifetime access to our e-learning platform. Given the fast paced nature of the SEO industry, a dedication to learning is non-negotiable for any candidate. Not only do we help you find candidates obsessed with continuous growth, we also hand them the tools to keep learning.

Deep dive into the roles
And responsibilities of your new hire.

We get to know the role you’re hiring for as intricately as if we were the candidate ourselves. In order to vet candidates thoroughly, we need a very clear understanding of what roles and responsibilities are required of your new hire. 

Culture fit
-Golden Recruitment Formula.

Your team is a collective of individuals that have an established working rhythm and team culture. Adding
a new hire to this delicate balance is like adding a new ingredient to a tried and tested recipe. Our golden recruitment formula helps us pinpoint the qualities we are looking for in a candidate that is going to add the right flavour to your team’s recipe.

Proven retention
strategies For long term success.

We know that hiring is one of the biggest expenses to a business so you want to keep your employee turnover low. Our golden recruitment formula includes retention strategies that get the candidates to buy into your business all the way before you even make an employment offer. 

Saving time and money
By cutting through the fluff.

If you’ve seen as many job interviews as we have, you’ll know that there is a lot of procedural ground to cover. We help you cut through this and get to the valuable stuff faster by building a candidate landing page for your specific role that covers the operational process and administration so that you can skip over that in the interview.

Candidate trophy case
For cherry picking.

Experience has taught us that a pile of CVs inspires an instant headache. Our solution is to build you a Trello Board Trophy Case to showcase each candidate at a glance for good oversight. Each Trello card is an elevator pitch for the candidate, highlighting crucial information, characteristics and accolades so that you can stack candidates against one another side by side and cherry pick your ideal fit.



Tell us what you need and we will place an A player in your business in just 3 weeks!

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Tell us what you’re looking for in an ideal candidate

Our team has mastered the art of extracting information over a call. After asking and answering just a few questions, we will have zoomed into a niche segment of the candidate pool to find that missing piece of your business you’re hunting for.


We qualify the applicants

Behind you are the days of sifting through CVs. Our streamlined vetting process ensures that you are presented with only the top 1% of applicants. We aim for quality, not quantity. You won’t need to interview dozens to find your next hire, we’ll present you with pre-vetted candidates for cherry picking.


Your satisfaction guaranteed

We know that even the best candidates can fall short because of a hurdle like culture fit. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your hire or things don’t work out, we offer a money back guarantee within the first 8 weeks (T&Cs apply).

Let’s get you the support you need!

No payment is required until you’ve met your team member and are ready to start working together.

You’ll be up and running in no time.

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See our reviews on


Matt Vasquez

Trusted Partner

He is very responsive and great at finding talent. I am looking forward to working with him more.

Josh has quickly built trust with us as a partner in finding candidates for our growing team.

Rob Hughes

Refreshing Knowledge

Working with Josh & team to hire into our SEO team was made so much easier by their knowledge of the channel and their in-depth screening process.

Much more about quality than quantity with every candidate they delivered to us being a great fit.


Charlie Clark

Well needed service for the SEO industry!

Josh and his team helped take the tedious parts of recruitment such as the initial screening of hundreds of CVs and are able to match top-tier talent for our company’s needs.

Very proactive service and helped me as a small Agency owner save a lot of time with the hiring process.


Perfect Service, Better Candidate

I was promised more in the coming days after a more thorough screening process of a shortlist he was dealing with – but it got hit out of the park first time. A job offer was made to the candidate during the interview – the first time we’ve ever done that as an agency. I could not recommend them enough – worth every penny


Jessica Redman

As a candidate

As a candidate, it can be tough to find recruiters that really listen to you and help to make the process as smooth as possible.

Highly recommend SEO for Hire – Josh was a pleasure to work with and wouldn’t hesitate to go to them in the future. A gem in the recruitment sector!

Alex Chapman

Smooth, quick process. Really pleased!

SEO for Hire were great because, unlike any other recruitment agency, they focus purely on SEO recruitment and put the candidates through testing before recommending them to you.

Really pleased with the process and will definitely be using them again.