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Frequently Asked Questions

We are one of the only recruitment companies that specialises solely in SEO in the world.

With that in mind, clients will benefit from an SEO-specific recruitment process that has been designed and refined to identify the highest-quality specialists quickly and consistently.

Additionally, SEO For Hire is an online SEO recruitment hub that has the client at its heart. As such, clients will also benefit from gaining an industry-based ally that will provide support and advice throughout their career.

Due to the variable and tumultuous nature of the process, unfortunately we cannot provide a definitive estimation of the recruitment period.

More specifically, we find that the quality of the candidate is more pertinent than the speed with which they are found. However we’re extremely confident that we can locate your ideal candidate within 3 weeks.

What’s more, we will maintain regular contact with you throughout the recruitment process in order to keep you abreast of its progress and our success.

If your new hire leaves their role within 8 weeks after the start of their employment, our team will return to, and re-implement, a bespoke recruitment campaign to find the perfect replacement candidate.

Moreover, we’re happy to discuss a refund policy.